Africa is without a doubt the world's foremost safari destination and one of the last vestiges of the natural world - an eden where visitors can experience the elation of living in the wild, shrug off the mantel of civilization. inhale the pure sweet air and relax.

That said, not all African safari destinations are created equal, and while they're all spectacular in their own way, they do vary in terms of the experience you're likely to have.

We specialise in the iconic wildlife destinations of Southern and East Africa, for it is here, we believe, that a visitor can have a meaningful and immersive safari experience, combined with the safety and comforts that lead to an enjoyable and adventurous holiday.

Certain African wildlife safari destinations are easily accessible and perfect for a first time traveller, others require a bit more commitment and will see you forsaking some minor luxuries. Our experiences are authentic, our suggestions are appropriate - Africa will envelope you and touch your soul like no other place on earth.

The list below focuses exclusively on remote African wildlife safari countries, their key benefits and how they differ from one another. Greater detail of each of these African wildlife destinations can be found on the destinations tab in the main menu.